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The Possible Study to Simplify Wet Automatic Fire-extinguishing Sprinkler Systems in the Built Public Place


安春晖(Chun-Hui An);张爱华(Ai-Hua Zhang)

Key Words

湿式自动喷水灭火系统 ; 简化 ; 可行性 ; act automatic fire-extinguishing sprinkler system ; simplify ; possibility



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1卷4期(2002 / 12 / 30)

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389 - 391

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The wet automatic fire-extinguishing sprinkler system is a kind of safe, high efficient and reliable automatic fire- extinguishing installation. But traditional automatic fire-extinguishing sprinkler system structure is complex, and the construction is hard, the price expensive. This paper based on mechanism of wet automatic fire-extinguishing sprinkler systems, and the principle of safely and low expense, studies and calculates the possibility to simplify wet automatic fire-extinguishing sprinkler systems, the structure and mechanism to meet the needs of fire-control codes and to decrease working difficulty. The effect of simplified wet automatic fire-extinguishing sprinkler s stems is fine and reliable due to real test.

Topic Category 工程學 > 工程學綜合