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Histological Studies on the Regeneration of Bone Defect in Dental Implant with Bio-oss and Bio-gide


耿威(Wei Geng);宿玉成(Yu-Cheng Su);徐刚(Gang Xu);林润台

Key Words

牙种植 ; 引导骨再生 ; 无机牛骨 ; 可吸收性胶原膜 ; Dental implant ; Guided bone regeneration ; Bone substitute ; Resorbable collagen membrane



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21卷1期(2005 / 02 / 28)

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4 - 7

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Chinese Abstract

目的:通过制作带有种植体的硬组织磨片,评价无机牛骨(deproteinized natural bovine mineral, Bio-oss)结合可吸收性胶原膜(bioresorbable collagen membrane, Bio-gide)在牙种植体周围骨缺损中的引导骨再生作用及效果。方法:在兔股骨植入羟基磷灰石涂层BLB种植体,并在其外侧壁制造标准骨缺损,A组在骨缺损处植入Bio-oss颗粒并在其表面覆盖Bio-gide膜,B组作为空白对照,分别于术后1、2、4、6个月取样品,通过带种植体的硬组织切片进行骨组织形态学分析。结果:术后1个月Bio-oss颗粒表面有新骨形成,随时间延长Bio-oss发生降解吸收,新生骨量增加,并与种植体表面形成骨性结合。结论:可吸收性胶原膜Bio-gide结合Bio-oss应用于牙种植体周围骨缺损中,可以引导骨组织再生,重建缺损的骨组织,新生骨与种植体形成骨性结合。

English Abstract

Objective: The aim was to evaluate effectiveness of deproteinized natural has inc mineral (Bio-oss) cub bioresorbable collagen mambrane (Bio-gide), for guided bone regeneration in bane defect around implants. Methods: Fixtures coated by HA were implanted. Standard opening bane defect was made on one side of every fixture. Rabbits in group A were implanted with Bio-oss and covered with Bio-gide on surface. The rabbits in group B acre negative contrast. In the 1, 2, 4, and 6 postoperative months, The animals were killed and sampled, then hard-tissue sections with implants acre produced for histological analysis. Results: New bone formation occurred along surface of Bio-oss after one month, newly formed bone were increased with time and contacted to the surface of the implants. Conclusion: Bio-oss combining with Bio-gide can guide the bone regeneration and repair hone defect around implant. New bane was contacted to the surface of implants, and osseointegration was formed.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 牙科與口腔科