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Acellular Scaffold for Tissue Engineered Facial Nerve Allograft


刘洪飞(Hong-Fei Liu);胡敏(Min Hu);刘洪臣(Hong-Chen Liu);孙明学;王新

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面神经 ; 组织工程 ; 化学萃取 ; Facial nerves ; Tissue engineering ; Chemical extraction



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21卷1期(2005 / 02 / 28)

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8 - 11

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Objective: To net clap a procedure in xx bob Schwann cells and myelin in the facial nerve could be removed while the basal lamina tubes remained intact, anti to obtain an acellular scaffold for fabricating tissue-engineered facial allograft in rabbits. Methods: eight facial nerves with 5.0 cm in length 2.0 mm in diameter were excised from rabbits anti cleaned from external debris. The nerves were treated with a solution of Triton X-100 and a solution of sodium deoxycholate at room temperature. After a finial wash in water, the nerves were stored in phosphate-buffered saline (PBS, pH 7.2) at 4 degrees. HE, luxol fast blue and fibrin staining were performed to visualize cells, myelin and basal membranes respondent, in and immunohistocbemical staining was performed to visualize the presence of laminin, a Schwann cell lamina component, in both fresh and acellular wae segments. To revcal overall structure better, methylene blue-fuchsin staining was performed in semithin section. The ultrastructure of acellular and fresh nerves were observed and photographed in a transmission electron microscope. Results: The acellular facial nerve was white long cylinder with well elasticity and ductility. HE, myelin and fibrin staining revealed that cells, axons and myelin sheath were removed and basal membrane was preserved after extraction procedure. Staining for the presence of laminin showed that the Schwann cell basal lamina component were present in the nerves after obemical treatment. Methylene blue-fuchsin staining and transmission electron microscopy showed that the myelin sheaths were absent in the extracted nerve segments anti empty basal lamina tubes remained in the endoneurium. Conclusions: We developed an extracted procedure with the detergents of Triton X-100 and deoxycholate, by which cells, axons and myelin sheaths could be removed from the rabbit facial nerve while the basal lamina tubes remained intact anti an aeellular nerve allograft was obtained. The laminin, a Schwann cell basal lamina component, can be preserved in the acellular nerve. Chemical extraction is an ideal method to prepare nerve scaffold for fabricating tissue-engineered nerve in human.

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