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Model of Network Performance Management Based on Mobile Agents


吴黎兵(Li-Bing Wu);吴产乐(Chan-Le Wu);崔建群(Jian-Qun Cui);熊卿(Qing Xiong)

Key Words

移动代理 ; 网络性能管理 ; 性能分析 ; mobile agent ; network performance management ; performance evaluation



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51卷5期(2005 / 10 / 24)

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594 - 598

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Analyzed the shortcoming of traditional network management system, then, a model of network performance management based on mobile agents was proposed. Model suggested encapsulating the objects and instructions with mobile agents. Mobile agents can independently collect performance MIB objects node by node and compute the last performance data in local network entities in the model. We presented the architecture, design and implementation of such a model, compared and contrasted it to traditional poll mechanism implementation with experiment data. The data prove the model can decrease net work overload and scatter compute tasks. We implemented the model by Grasshopper mobile agent plat form.

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