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Cycle-Accurate Transaction-Level Models for AMBA Bus Architecture Using SystemC


朱小虎(Xiao-Hu Zhu);曹阳(Yang Cao);罗娟(Juan Luo);姜建林(Jian-Lin Jiang)

Key Words

片上系统 ; ARM微处理器总线结构 ; 周期精确 ; 事务级 ; 系统C建模语言 ; SoC System on Chip ; AMBA ARM Microprocessor Bus Architechture ; cycle-accurate ; transaction-level ; SystemC



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51卷5期(2005 / 10 / 24)

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629 - 632

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Modeling cycle-accurate transaction-level AMBA bus using SystemC is introduced in this paper. Some Bluetooth IPs connect to the bus and be tested. The concepts of interface, port and channel are adopted by which the bus models can be extended easily. The experimental results reveal that the bus model and the Bluetooth IP are completely compliant to AMBA specification 2.0 and the Bluetooth specification 1.1. This method can be used to modeling in early period of SoC design.

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