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On Extensions of Partial Orders of Partially Ordered Bands


谢祥云(Xiang-Yun Xie)

Key Words

偏序半群 ; 偏序扩张 ; 偏序半格 ; 偏序带 ; 可消偏序 ; Partially ordered semi-group ; partially ordered extension ; partially ordered semi-lattice ; partially or dered band ; cancellable partial order



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21卷1期(2004 / 03 / 01)

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17 - 21

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Chinese Abstract

给出将偏序幺半格和偏序带(S,•,≤)上的偏序≤扩张为全序幺半格和带(S,•,≤(上标 *))的充要条件。作为应用,得到文献[1]结论:设(S,•)是幺带,存在S上的平凡序的全序扩张≤(上标 *)使得(S,•,≤(上标 *))是全序幺带当且仅当S的每个D类至多有两个元素。

English Abstract

In this paper, the sufficient and necessary conditions for extending partial orders of partially ordered semi-lattices and partially ordered bands to linearly orderes are given. By way of application, the result is obtained that there exists a total order on a band with identity so that it is a totally ordered band only if every D class has at must 2 elements [1].

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