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The Direct Determination of Benzoic Acid in Beverage by Gas Chromatography on a Sol-Gel Coated PDMS Capillary Column


王东新(Dong-Xin Wang)

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溶胶-凝胶 ; 苯甲酸 ; 气相色谱 ; sol-gel ; benzoic acid ; gas chromatography



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4卷2期(2004 / 06 / 20)

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5 - 7

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Sal-gel column is a new-type of chromatographic column with high temperatures tolerance, excellent separation and repeatability. The technological process for the developing of the column is relatively simple. The direct determination of benzoic acid in beverage can be carried out on the sol-gel capillary column for gas chromatography without derivatization, and so the error in derivatization can be avoided. The peak of the bensoic acid on this column is sharp and symmetric without tailing. Diethyl phthalate is used as internal standard and the amout of benzoic acid in beverage is determined. The analysis results show the average recovery is 99.7% and the relative standard deviation is 1.2%.

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