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Water Security Evaluation of Anhui Province Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process


汪红洲;南昌大学 建筑工程学院;汪红洲;段衍衍;傅春;南昌大学 建筑工程学院,南昌,330031;河海大学 水文水资源学院,南京,210098;南昌大学 建筑工程学院,南昌 330031; 南昌大学 中国中部经济社会发展研究中心,南昌 330047

Key Words

层次分析 ; 集对分析 ; 水质 ; 水量 ; 经济社会发展 ; 水生态 ; 水安全 ; analytic hierarchy process ; set pair analysis ; w ater quality ; water quantit y ; economic and social development ; w ater ecosystem ; w ater safety



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12卷1期(2014 / 01 / 04)

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37 - 41

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Regional w ater securit y is the basis of protection of the regional sustainable development. Based on t he characterist ics of w ater resources and specific situation of Anhui Province, a comprehensive evaluation index system of water security w as de-veloped, and AH P w as used to evaluat e the w ater security situation of Anhui Province from 2005 to 2010. T he results suggested that the w ater security situation is betw een "unsafe" and "basically safe" in Anhui Province from 2005 to 2010 and thus w ater securit y situation is not opt imistic. This conclusion w as in coincidence w ith that determined by the set pair analysis, w hich indi-cated that AH P is feasible and reliable for w ater security evaluation. Finally, from the perspective of improving water securit y, some recommendations w ere proposed to promote savings, increase the utilization efficiency of w ater resources, and improve w a-ter quality.

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