23-plex Y-SNPs复合扩增体系在法医学应用的研究

Translated Titles

Development of 23-plex Y-SNPs Typing Method Based on Single-base Extension and Capillary Electrophoresis Technology and Its Application in Forensic Science


张爱平(Ai-Ping Zhang);刘超(Chao Liu);李越(Yue Li);刘长晖(Chang-Hui Liu);陈丽伟(Li-Wei Chen);葛璐璐(Lu-Lu Ge);陈晓晖(Xiao-Hui Chen)

Key Words

个体识别 ; 单碱基延伸微测序 ; SNaPshot试剂盒 ; 单核苷酸多态性 ; Y染色体 ; individual identification ; single base extension SBE ; minisequencing ; SNaPshot Kit ; single nuceiotide polymorphysim ; Y chromosome



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31卷5期(2010 / 09 / 30)

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685 - 691

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【Objective】 To develope a robust single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) typing assay with co-amplification and to type 23 human Y chromosome SNPs using SNaPshot kit. 【Methods】 Markers were drawn from the phylogenetic tree of Y chromosome: P164, P203, P148, P145, M89, P151, M216, P128, P157, P149, P131, P199, P123, P191, P201, M111, M9, P132, P200, P197, M119, P136, and M134. All 23 Y-SNPs in one reaction were amplified; the pooled PCR products were purified. The minisequencing reactions were performed simultaneously for all 23 Y-SNPs with fluorescein-labeled dideoxynucleotides. A total of 290 male Chinese in Guangdong were genotyped by capillary electrophoresis and multicolour fluorescence detection. 【Results】 A 23-plex Y-SNPs co-amplification system was developed. All of the Y-SNPs are polymorphic in Chinese. The gene diversity of the Y-SNPs ranged from 0.013 7-0.491 2.A total of 143 haplotypes were found, the haplotype diversity was calculated to be 0.990 7. 【Conclusion】 The 23-plex Y-SNPs system developed is efficient, high-throughput and appears to be suitable for forensic science and anthroponomy.

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