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Land Grading and Evaluating Using Spatial Data Mining


賈澤露(Ze-Lu Jia);劉耀林(Yao-Lin Liu);張彤(Tong Zhang)

Key Words

空間數據挖掘 ; 決策樹 ; 土地定級 ; 視圖 ; 數據分類 ; spatial data mining ; decision tree ; land grading and evaluating ; view ; classifying data



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27卷3期(2005 / 09 / 01)

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72 - 77

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Chinese Abstract

介紹了空間數據挖掘技術和決策樹算法。通過對其研究,將可視化空間數據挖掘技術應用於土地定級估價,並介紹了基於Visual C(上標 ++)6.0和ESRI公司的MapObject 2.0組件技術設計和開發了一個可視化交互空間數據挖掘土地定級估價原型系統。系統採用決策樹方法作為數據挖掘方法的基本算法,採用訓練與學習相結合實現土地定級估價。闡述了基於決策樹空間數據挖掘土地定級估價的系統模型,系統總體框架、主要模塊、系統界面及系統實現定級估價的工作流程。該方法是對土地定級估價方法的一種新的探索,是對土地信息系統開發的一種新的嘗試,也是土地信息系統智能化發展的一個方向。

English Abstract

A brief introduction to spatial data mining and decision tree is proposed. Thereupon, by researching on the arithmetic of decision tree, this paper applies the visual spatial data mining technique into the field of land grading and evaluating. And then based on visual C(superscript ++) 6.0 and MapObject 2.0, a spatial data mining prototype system for land grading and evaluating is designed and developed, in which the decision tree is used as the basic arithmetic of the spatial data mining of the system. For land grading and evaluating, training and learning method is adopted and the integration of them implemented. Furthermore, a model of land grading and evaluating based on decision tree is addressed, especially the system framework, the main modules, the interface and the rough workflow of the system. The approach used in the paper is a new exploration for the methodology of land grading and evaluating, a new attempt for implementation of land information system (LIS), a developing direction for the intellectualized US as well.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 地球科學與地質學