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Description of Static Electricity Field upon Condition that a Charged Cylinder Conductor is Nearby the Conductor Plank Interfacing with Earth


楊英(Ying Yang);胡先權(Xian-Quan Hu)

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拉普拉斯方程 ; 保角映射 ; 鏡象法 ; 等勢線簇 ; 電場線簇 ; Laplace's equation ; conformal mapping ; electrical images ; equipotential lines ; power lines



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22卷4期(2005 / 12 / 01)

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33 - 35

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Based on the mathematical physics theory, this paper unitedly deals with the static electricity field upon condition that charged conductor of cylinder nearby the conductor plank interfacing with earth. By means of combination of conformal mapping and electrical mirror-images, we have obtained the exact solution of the electrical potential functions and power line functions and plotted the relative equipotential line maps and power line maps, meanwhile, we have made the necessary discussion about the hems aboue.

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