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3-D Efficiency Simulation of Newly Developed Shadow Mask Plasma Display Panels


屠彥(Yan Tu);張雄(Xiong Zhang);楊蘭蘭(Lan-Lan Yang);王保平(Bao-Ping Wang);尹涵春(Han-Chun Yin);童林夙(Lin-Su Tong)

Key Words

蔭罩式PDP(SMPDP) ; 放電效率 ; 光子 ; 放電特性 ; Shadow mask PDP ; Discharge efficiency ; Photon ; Breakdown characteristics



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

24卷2期(2004 / 04 / 20)

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118 - 124

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Chinese Abstract


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The breakdown characteristics and discharge efficiency of the newly developed shadow mask plasma display panel (SMPDP) were simulated with a three-dimensional (3-D) fluid model. The emission and capture of photons in the discharge cells as well as the distribution of impinging photons on the phosphor layer were simulated with Monte-Carlo model. Influence of various parameters, such as the position and width of its electrode, pressure and concentration of xenon, on discharge efficiency was also studied. Possible ways to improve discharge efficiency were proposed and an optimal SMPDP structure was designed.

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