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Calibration and Analysis of HT-7 Vacuum System


胡建生(Jian-Sheng Hu);辜學茂(Xue-Mao Gu);王小明(Xiao-Ming Wang);羅南昌(Nan-Chang Luo);HT-7真空組(HT-7 Vacuum Group)

Key Words

標定 ; 真空 ; 抽速 ; HT-7超導托卡馬克 ; Calibration ; Vacuum ; Pumping speed ; HT-7 superconductor Tokamak



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24卷2期(2004 / 04 / 20)

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149 - 153

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Calibration and analysis of the vacuum system of HT-7 superconductor Tokamak were discussed. Pumping speeds of various gases, including hydrogen, deuterium, helium and nitrogen with or without cryogenic pumps, were measured, respectively. Influence of gases adsorption on their specific pumping speeds, such as hydrogen and deuterium adsorbed by solid surfaces of the walls and the graphite spacers in HT-7 inner vacuum system, was analyzed. The variations in the base pressure in different situations, at different locations of the whole vacuum system were tentatively evaluated to achieve better equilibrium of the gases for the HT-7 system. The feasibility of using quadropole mass spectroscopy to differentiate helium and deuterium was discussed. The total volume of HT-7 can be precisely measured when the gases reach equilibrium.

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