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Studies of Photo-induced Characteristics of Nanoscale Titanium Dioxide Thin Films Grown by RF Magnetron Sputtering


沈傑(Jie Shen);沃松濤(Song-Tao Wo);崔曉莉(Xiao-Li Cui);楊錫良(Xi-Liang Yang);章壯健(Zhuang-Jian Zhang)

Key Words

射頻磁控濺射 ; 二氧化鈦 ; 薄膜 ; 親水性 ; 光催化 ; RF magnetron sputtering ; Titanium dioxide ; Thin films ; Hydrophilicity ; Photocatalytic



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24卷2期(2004 / 04 / 20)

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81 - 86

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Chinese Abstract

在室溫下採用射頻濺射法製備納米TiO2薄膜,並用XRD、AFM、Raman譜儀等手段研究了不同濺射氣壓及不同退火溫度處理後薄膜的結構及其相應的親水性、光催化能力。結果表明:在室溫下製備的薄膜為無定形結構,當退火溫度超過400℃時轉化為銳鈦礦結構。在400℃下退火l h的薄膜具有良好的親水性和光催化能力。

English Abstract

Nanoscale titanium dioxide thin films were grown by RF magnetron sputtering at room temperature. Microstructures of the thin films grown at different sputtering pressures and annealing temperatures were measured by XRD, AFM and Raman spectroscopy, and their photo-induced hydrophilicity and photocatalytic activity have also been studied. The results show that the as-deposited TiO2 thin films are amorphous and the anatase phase forms when anneal temperature is over 400℃. The TiO2 thin films annealed at 400℃ for an hour exhibit a good hydrophilicity and photocatalytic activity.

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