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AFM and STM Studies of Trititanate Nanotubes


韋東傑(Dong-Jie Wei);高崧(Song Gao);申自勇(Zi-Yong Shen);陳清(Qing Chen)

Key Words

鈦酸納米管 ; STM ; AFM ; Trititanate nanotube ; STM ; AFM



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24卷2期(2004 / 04 / 20)

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95 - 99

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AFM and STM are used to study the trititanate nanotubes. Detailed surface information is achieved. One large step with height about 0.8 nm is observed on the surface of the nanotubes, this step is formed due to the scroll nature of the tube. Small steps all around the surface are also observed with their edge parallel to the tube axis. These small steps are the same as that on the trititanate layers and are formed due to the connecting way of the Ti-O octahedrals. These results agree well with the trititanate nanotube model proposed previously based on TEM study.

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