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Responses of Spring Wheat on Various Light Intensities along Years in Irrigation Area of Ningxia


康建宏(Jian-Hong Kang);吴宏亮(Hong-Liang Wu);许强(Qiang Xu);代晓华(Xiao-Hua Dai)

Key Words

春小麦 ; 光合有效辐射 ; 最大光合速率 ; 呼吸速率 ; spring wheat ; photosynthetically active radiation ; maximum photosynthetic ratio ; respiration ratio



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26卷3期(2005 / 09 / 25)

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18 - 22

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Under the field conditions, the light response of photosynthesis of spring wheat varieties during last 50 years was studied in the irrigation area of Ningxia. The result indicated that the responses toward the intensity of light at different growth stage were different when different spring wheat varieties were grown along years concerned. Both booting and grouting stages required for a higher intensity of light, on the contrary, a relative lower intensity of light was suitable for anthesis. The highest ratios for photosynthesis and respiration occurred at the stage of booting, the lowest ratios for photosynthesis and respiration at the stages of grouting and anthesis, respectively. During turnover of spring wheat varieties, light saturation point showed a trend of decrease, in contrast,the light compensation point and the respiration ratio increased regularly. The maximum photosynthetic ratio showed a trend of decrease.

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