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Observation on Production Capacity of Raising Swan Goose


张春珍(Chun-Zhen Zhang)

Key Words

鸿雁 ; 人工饲养 ; 性能特征 ; swan goose ; raising ; production performance



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26卷3期(2005 / 09 / 25)

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62 - 65

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Chinese Abstract


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Swan goose was raised for three years in a poultry farm of Yinchuan Gu Jia Bridge since 2002. The results of observation showed that swan goose had a powerful adaptability and viability in Ningxia. The viabilities of commercial brooding chicks and rearing period were 91.9 and 95.5 percent, respectively. Body weights at 30 d, 70 d and 90 d were 1.4,3. 1 and 4.0 kg, respectively in grazing raise, adding food and feed conversion ratio was 2.5~2.9:1. Breeding bird's eggs produced were 13.9 and 20.8 in first and second year. The average weight of eggs was 137.4 g and egg shape index was 1.49. The hatchability of setting eggs was 91 percent averagely.

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