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Performance of Yield Potential of Soybean Ji 62 in Production


张银霞(Yin-Xia Zhang);宋晓华(Xiao-Hua Song)

Key Words

吉62大豆 ; 生产示范 ; 产量潜力 ; Ji 62 ; soybean ; production ; analysis ; yield potential



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26卷3期(2005 / 09 / 25)

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7 - 9

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Chinese Abstract


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Correlation and path analysis were employed to screen yield components of soybean cultivar Ji 62, including planting density, the pods number per plant, seeds number per pod, weight of one hundred seeds, yield per 0.0667 hm^2. The result indicated that the yield reach 300 kg/0.0667 hm^2 under the condition of suitable sowing date, rational planting density and meticulous management.

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