Evaluation of ST13 Gene Expression in Colorectal Cancer Patients


董慶華(Qing-Hua Dong);鄭樹(Shu Zheng);胡躍(Yue Hu);陳功星(Gong-Xing Chen);丁佳逸(Jia-Yi Ding)

Key Words

ST13 ; Colorectal cancer ; Real-time PCR


Journal of Zhejiang University Science

Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

6B卷12期(2005 / 12 / 15)

Page #

1170 - 1175

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English Abstract

We identified a novel gene ST13 from a subtractive cDNA library of normal intestinal mucosa in 1993, more studies showed that ST13 was a co-chaperone of Hsp70s. Recently we detected the ST13 gene expression in tumor tissue and adjacent normal tissue of the same colorectal cancer patient and investigated if the ST13 gene expression might have any prognostic value. Analysis was performed at molecular level by reverse transcription-PCR using real-time detection method. We measured two genes simultaneously, ST13 as the target gene and ”glyceraldehydes-3-phosphate dehydrogenase” as a reference gene, in primary colorectal tumor specimens and tumor-adjacent normal mucosa specimens from 50 colorectal cancer patients. The expression levels of the ST13 gene were significantly decreased in primary tumors compared with adjacent mucosa (P<0.05). But there were no significant differences in the expression of STI3 as compared with different Dukes' stage, tumor differentiation grade, invasion depth, lymph node metastasis and disease-specific survival.

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