A Novel Technique of three-dimensional Reconstruction Segmentation and Analysis for Sliced Images of Biological Tissues


李晶(Jing Li);趙海燕(Hai-Yan Zhao);阮興雲(Xing-Yun Ruan);徐永清(Yong-Qing Xu);孟偉正(Wei-Zheng Meng);李鯤鵬(Kun-Peng Li);張景強(Jing-Qiang Zhang)

Key Words

Sliced images ; 3D reconstruction and analysis ; 3D segmentation ; Chaperonin ; Virus


Journal of Zhejiang University Science

Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

6B卷12期(2005 / 12 / 15)

Page #

1210 - 1212

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English Abstract

A novel technique of three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction, segmentation, display and analysis of series slices of images including microscopic wide field optical sectioning by deconvolution method, cryo-electron microscope slices by Fourier-Bessel synthesis and electron tomography (ET), and a series of computed tomography (CT) was developed to perform simultaneous measurement on the structure and function of biomedical samples. The paper presents the 3D reconstruction segmentation display and analysis results of pollen spore, chaperonin, virus, head, cervical bone, tibia and carpus. At the same time, it also puts forward some potential applications of the new technique in the biomedical realm.

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