Validation of the Use of Foreign Gas Rebreathing Method for non-invasive Determination of Cardiac Output in Heart Disease Patients


董樑(Liang Dong);王建安(Jian-An Wang);蔣晨陽(Chen-Yang Jiang)

Key Words

Indirect Fick foreign gas rebreathing ; Swan-Ganz ; Cardiac output ; Left ventricle radiography ; Echocardiography


Journal of Zhejiang University Science

Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

6B卷12期(2005 / 12 / 15)

Page #

1157 - 1162

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English Abstract

Objective: To compare a new device (Innocor) for non-invasive measurement of cardiac output (CO) by foreign gas rebreathing method with conventional techniques used in the measurements of cardiac function. Methods: Cardiac outputs measured by Innocor (CO(subscript RB)) were compared with CO obtained by echocardiography (CO(subscript EC)), Swan-Ganz thermodilution (CO(subscript TD)), and left ventricle radiography (CO(subscript LVR)) in 34 patients subjected to cardiac catheterization. Values obtained from the four methods were analyzed by linear regression and paired values were compared by the method of Bland and Altman in SPSS. Results: There was strong positive correlation (r=0.94) between Innocor cardiac output values and the corresponding values obtained by thermodilution and between CO(subscript EC) and CO(subscript LVR) values. Thermodilution appears to overestimate cardiac output when compared to the values obtained with Innocor by (0.66±0.22) L/min (P<0.0001). There was no correlation between data obtained by Innocor and the corresponding CO(subscript EC) and CO(subscript LVR) values. Conclusion: Innocor CO(subscript RB) is an easy, safe and well established method for non-invasive measurement of cardiac output with good prospects for clinical application in heart disease patients.

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