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Reasons of the Nation’s Low Readership and Their Countermeasures



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阅读 ; 国民阅读率 ; 阅读习惯 ; 公共图书馆 ; 出版业 ; 教育教学研究 ; reading ; nation’s readership ; reading habit ; public library ; publishing industry



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15卷6期(2013 / 08 / 31)

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124 - 126

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The reasons of a relatively low readership of the nation include the lack of a social reading environment, the overall deficiency of public libraries, a deteriorative environment in the publishing industry, the lack of national reading habit and the universal trend of light reading with the emergence of new media. Measures should be taken to change the present situation from the following aspects. Government needs to encourage reading, reform education system and increase capital investment. Libraries should optimize their collections to attract readers, etc.. Publishing industries need to optimize topics, and publish more books with thought values. Citizens ought to form good reading habits from childhood at home.

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