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Study of the Production of Maltodextrins and Fructose Syrup from Banana Starch


朱乐敏(Le-Min Zhu);谢骏(Jun Xie);Rafic Derjani

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香蕉淀粉 ; 淀粉酶 ; 麦芽糊精 ; 果葡糖浆 ; banana starch ; α-amylase ; maltodextrin ; fructose syrup



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26卷6期(2005 / 12 / 20)

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53 - 56

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Banana starch, by enzymatic hydrolysis with a heat-stable a-amylase, was isolated to produce the maltodextrin whose dextrose equivalent (DE) is less than 20. Comparing with the corn maltodextrin, the banana maltodextrin has larger white color value and color difference (AE), and has better chemical and physicochemical characteristics for the use in food industry. The fructose-syrup was obtained by saccharification of the banana starch with amyloglucosidase and isomerase at 65℃ for 24 hours. The banana fructose-syrup has similar chemical characteristics with the corn fructose-syrup but with clear color and higher color stability.

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