Ruptured Tuberculous Aneurysm of the Thoracic Aorta into the Lung: A Case of Successful Surgical Treatment and Literature Review

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陸希平(Shi-Ping Luh);余榮敏(Jung-Min Yu);蔡宗博(Tsong-Po Tsai);周明智(Ming-Chih Chou)

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結核病 ; 動脈瘤 ; tuberculosis ; aneurysm



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14卷4期(2003 / 12 / 01)

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581 - 586

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Even though tuberculous aneurysm of the aorta is not common, it might be fatal if left untreated, since rupture and loss of blood will usually occur. Perforation into the lung parenchyma is even rarer and in cases in it happens the patients die without surgical intervention. Herein, we report on an 82 year-old male, who had massive hemoptysis due to the rupture of a tuberculous aneurysm into the left upper lobe of the lung. The patient underwent successful surgical resection and he was found to be in generally good condition of the time of his 24-month follow-up. When the patient had come in, we used our own experience and review of previous literature to conclude the following . (1) Clinical suspicion, early detection and surgical intervention was the only way for a patient with ruptured tuberculous aneurysm to survive. (2) Invasive procedures, such as transbronchial or thoracoscopic biopsy, should be avoided because fatal bleeding will occur. (3) Complete resection and rconstruction of the diseased aorta is mandatory. (4) Antituberculosis chemotherapy should be initiated as early as possible and continued for at least 6 months, if recurrence is to be prevented.

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