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The Needs of Exotic Tortoises: The Divergent Paths of Local Care and Breeding Knowledge


葉貞沂(Ye, Jhen-Yi)

Key Words

陸龜 ; 實驗寵物 ; 地方知識 ; 脈絡性技術 ; tortoise ; experimental pets ; local knowledge ; contextual technology



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31期(2020 / 10 / 01)

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157 - 181

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This study explains how owners of foreign tortoises, which are exotic and endangered species in Taiwan, have learned to breed and care for these animals. This study used in-depth interviews with stakeholders such as keepers(pet owners), breeders, and civil servants to examine the development of knowledge regarding tortoises in Taiwan. This study found that in the early 1990s, tortoise keepers and breeders treated their tortoises as "experimental pets" due to the lack of local academic and veterinary experts. Owners had to accumulate their own understandings of the needs of various kinds of tortoises through trial and error. As part of this process of experimentation, owners not only translated foreign articles and reports but also developed their own feeding and breeding tricks. Local breeders and keepers developed two very different primary knowledges, to fit different but related purposes: namely, to keep the animals alive and to captive-breed them as an investment. Whether these knowledges could be used for profit shaped the characteristics and spread of these practices. The keeper community openly accumulated and shared their tortoise care knowledge, while the captive breeders were secretive and only shared their knowledge with acquaintances. The accumulation and transition of local knowledge on tortoises both responded and led to the market expansion of these animals in Taiwan.

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