Study on Macro Kinetics of the Desulfurization Processes of Heteropoly Compounds in Ionic Liquids and Aqueous Solutions




Xinpeng Liu;Rui Wang

Key Words

H_2S ; Absorption ; Macro kinetics ; Heteropoly compound ; Ionic liquid


Aerosol and Air Quality Research

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19卷12期(2019 / 12 / 01)

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2899 - 2907

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Chinese Abstract

Ionic liquids and heteropoly compounds have been found to be effective systems for H_2S removal due to their unique properties. This study, which investigated the absorption kinetics of these new systems, continues our earlier research. Specifically, the macro kinetic characteristics of the H_2S absorption for three systems, viz., a [Bmim]_3PMo_(12)O_(40)/BmimCl solution, an aqueous solution of peroxo phosphomolybdic acid and an aqueous solution of CuH_2PMo_(11)VO_(40), were determined using a gas-liquid reaction cell. The gas and liquid phase mass transfer coefficients were measured, and the activation energy was calculated. The H_2S absorption for the [Bmim]_3PMo_(12)O_(40)/BmimCl solution can be expressed as a macro kinetic equation: N_(H2S) = 6.6 × 10^(-2)∙[exp(-1064/T)]∙C_(H2S)^(1.120)∙C_([Bmim]3PMo12O40)^(0.099). For the aqueous solutions of peroxo phosphomolybdic acid and CuH_2PMo_(11)VO_(40), the absorption can be expressed as N_(H2S) = 2.68 × 10^(-6)∙[exp(-790/T)]∙C_(H2S)^(0.252)∙C_(PHPMo)^(0.131) and N_(H2S) = 1.02 × 10^(-6)∙[exp(607/T)]∙C_(H2S)^(0.510)∙C_(CuH2PMo11VO40)^(0.431), respectively.

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