CO_2 Separation by Using a Three-stage Membrane Process




Bingcheng Liu;Xuan Yang;Ting Wang;Mengmeng Zhang;Pen-Chi Chiang

Key Words

Optimal design ; CO_2-EOR extraction gas ; CO_2 capture ; Multi-stage membrane separator


Aerosol and Air Quality Research

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19卷12期(2019 / 12 / 01)

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2917 - 2928

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Chinese Abstract

This work proposed and optimized a three-stage membrane process for CO_2 separation. The results of this study revealed that the membrane technology is a suitable process for the CO_2 separation in a higher concentration. In addition, the MATLAB was used to simulate and obtain the optimal operational parameters for a three-stage membrane process. This work established a partial cycle and recovered the CO_2 from the permeation side of second-stage membrane that enhance a higher purity CO_2 gas stream. The results of this study indicated that when the CO_2 concentration was higher than 50% and at a flow rate of 100000 Nm^3 d^(-1), the CO_2 separation could be achieved at the optimal operation condition. Under the conditions that the membrane areas were 2400, 3800, and 1800 m^2 for the first-, second-, and third-stage membrane, respectively and the operational pressure at first- and third stage membrane were 3.0 and 2.5 MPa, respectively, the CO_2 separation fraction was higher than 90% and CH_4 loss rate was lower than 5%. The results of this study have a high potential for the practical application.

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