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The Evaluation of University Libraries Using ROI Assessment




童敏惠(Miin-Huei Tung)

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投資報酬 ; 大學圖書館 ; 圖書館價值 ; 績效評量 ; 圖書館評量 ; Return on Investment ; ROI ; Library value ; Library assessment



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13卷1期(2009 / 03 / 01)

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107 - 122

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Chinese Abstract

近年來,由於網際網路的使用、電子資源崛起,以及經費縮減和講求績效管理等影響下,致使許多圖書館面臨必須進行評量以證明其價值及營運績效。評量和證明圖書館價值有很多方法,但投資報酬(Return on Investment)評量不失為一種能令人一目了然且直接的方式。根據期刊文獻,國外已有許多採用ROI來評量其價值的實例,但多為公共圖書館及國家圖書館,而少有大學圖書館使用此方法。本文嘗試模仿及借用美國佛羅里達州冬園公共圖書館(Winter Park Public Library)以不同於以往著重於敘述館藏特色和數量的評量方式,而採用將服務予以定價進而計算其服務價值之投資報酬(ROI)方式,將其試用於大學圖書館,並以某大學圖書館為實驗對象,藉以檢視大學圖書館的價值。

English Abstract

It is not easy to assess and demonstrate the value of a library, especially an academic library. Among the many methods in use, Return on Investment (ROT) proves to be one of the most straightforward. In this article, the author adopted the ROT assessment model used by Winter Park Public Library in Florida, U.S.A. and applied it to a university library in order to assess its effectiveness as a means of evaluating academic libraries more generally.

Topic Category 人文學 > 圖書資訊學
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