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Faculty Perceptions of Integrating Information Literacy into the Curriculum




查天佑(Tien-Yu Cha);謝寶煖(Pao-Nuan Hsieh)

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資訊素養 ; 資訊素養融入課程 ; 大學圖書館 ; Information literacy ; Curriculum ; University libraries



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13卷1期(2009 / 03 / 01)

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85 - 106

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

This study aims to explore university teacher's views on integrating information literacy (IL) into their courses. It is hoped that this study will aid libraries in designing and effecting integration in the university curriculum. In a recent survey conducted among Feng Chia University faculty, it was revealed that while responses to IL integration were generally positive, the different age groups of the Faculty members reflected different concerns.

Topic Category 人文學 > 圖書資訊學
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  2. National information literacy survey
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