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Institutional Ethnography: Meanings, Concepts, Methods, and Instances




楊正誠(Cheng-Cheng Yang)

Key Words

Dorothy E smith ; 女性主義社會學 ; 組織俗民誌 ; Dorothy E. Smith ; feminist sociology ; institutional ethnography



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20期(2005 / 12 / 01)

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223 - 254

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Chinese Abstract

組織俗民誌是加拿大女性社會學家Dorothy E smith所發展的一種研究方法,試圖從個人的每日生活世界與經驗出發,分析、理解並說明人類世界中的社會現象,廣受社會科學界的認可與運用,有其重要性。因此,本文首先介紹smith女性主義社會學的意義與貢獻;其次,針對組織俗民誌的意義、概念與方法進行介紹;最後,以Mothering for schooling(母職與學校教育)一書,作為分析組織俗民誌的研究實例。

English Abstract

The concept of institutional ethnography was developed by Dorothy E. Smith, a well-known feminist sociologist, who established that institutional ethnographic inquiry begins from a personal everyday experience and attempts to analyze, understand, and explain social phenomena in the everyday world. As an important research method, institutional ethnography has become widely applied and recognized in different spheres of social science. The goals of this paper are threefold. The first is to discuss the meanings and contributions of feminist sociological perspectives introduced by Smith. Second, we specifically aim to illustrate the meanings, concepts, and methods of institutional ethnography. Finally, searching for instances of institutional ethnography, we examine Griffith and Smith's study Mothering Jar schooling.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 社會學
社會科學 > 社會學
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