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Research into the Backgrounds of the Chancellor in Southern Song Dynasty




王明(Ming Wang)

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宰相 ; 執政 ; 南宋 ; Chancellors ; In power ; Southern Song Dynasty



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15期(2009 / 06 / 01)

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161 - 197

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From Song Gaozong, who ascended the throne in May 1127 to Hsiu-fu Lu, who jumped into the sea with Emperor Ti in February 1279, 66 chancellors were in power during the 153-year of Southern Song Dynasty. This article focuses on 64 chancellors except for Yu-chih Tsui, who refused the post repetitively and did not actually go into power and Liang-chen Yao, whose name exists but personal information has been lost. This paper conducts statistic analyses based on the statistics collected regarding the personal backgrounds and their life from being in power to taking the post as chancellors. Through a better understanding of the chancellors during Southern Song Dynasty, this paper hopes to further discuss the relationship between these chancellors' posts and historical backgrounds at that time, the official post system and successive emperors.

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