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The Autochthonous Laying Stones Technique in Peng-Hu: The Research of Primeval Culture in Architecture




陳正哲(Cheng-Che Chen)

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石造技術 ; 營造口訣 ; 常民技術史 ; 漁業文明 ; 石滬 ; 原生文化 ; Stone Technique ; Construction Idiom ; Common Technical History ; Fishing Civilization ; Stone Tidal Weir ; Primeval Culture



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15期(2009 / 06 / 01)

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97 - 113

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Chinese Abstract

土地,孕育出該地文物之風貌特色;相對的,在地文物也應該具體且清楚地傳達出與土地之間的關係。在澎湖,我們所見到普遍而大量的民房、菜宅、石滬、滬厝仔等石砌構造物,其實便忠實地反映出了澎湖的地理特質。而這些構造物在由土地「長」出來的過程中,同時也伴隨發展出了屬於當地的構築技術及相關文化。 上述的此類土地與物之間的連結關係,在澎湖是如此的唾手可得、清晰易見;然而,在其他工業化社會高度進展的地方上卻已經斷裂已久,且是幾乎無法追尋的難能可貴,更遑論去探究其技術層面的相關課題。在認清此當地文化資產之特殊性的基礎上,本研究有別於既往大多偏重於石滬曆史發展或民宅空間與匠師技藝等之探討,而針對澎湖的石滬以及石牆所發展出之石頭疊砌的原有構築生產脈絡、蘊含於常民身上之營造法則、構築物之技術面與季節地理環境及社群動勞動力之關係等進行探討。以對此珍貴文化地景的生成,建立扎實的基礎研究,並使其得以再生應用、與時俱進。 此種因應當地土地環境,而發展出來之屬於當地的構築技術,原本就與其生活緊密的結合在一起,乃直接面對需求而生,就地取材地去解決日常生活的實際需要。此種構築物,營建時喚醒著人類的勞務本能、自然觀察能力、社群關係等,牽繫著人與物質、人與土地、人與社會之種種原初的脈絡,為高度之原生文化資產。

English Abstract

The land cultivates specific character for itself. Relatively, local cultural objects should articulate the relationship between people and land. In Peng-Hu, we encounter countless traditional houses, vegetable sheds, stone tidal weirs and fishing huts. Their stone bodies honestly reflect Peng-Hu's geographical quality. These stone structures' evolution processes accompany the development of local architectonic techniques and related culture. In Peng-Hu, the mentioned relationship between land and objects is omnipresent. However, there is a gap between the land and objects for many highly developed industrialized societies. For them, the relationship between land and objects is almost untraceable; therefore the issue of looking into the architectonic matter is even more unpractical. Under the base of recognizing the specific character of local cultural heritage, the study differs from many previous studies of which most emphasize on the evolution of stone tidal weir, the spatial investigations of local houses, and the techniques of traditional craftsmen. The study aims at investigating the original stone-related architectonic productive system caused by the development of stone tidal weir and stone wall, the construction method and constructed object’s technique issue, and the relationship between seasonal geographical environment and community's manual labor, thus setting solid fundamental research, and causing its regeneration and advanced application. This local architectonic technique, which suits local environment and essentially connects to the living style, directly results from necessity and resolves the practical requirement of everyday life. This kind of architectonic object, which evokes people's manual instinct, natural observing capability and community sense, facilitates original network among people-material, people-land and people-society. It is the essentially primeval cultural heritage.

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社會科學 > 社會科學綜合
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