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On Security of Digital Files and Digital Assets Management in Museum


吳紹群(Shao-Chun Wu)

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數位保存維護 ; 永續經營 ; 影像安全 ; 數位資產管理 ; 博物館 ; digital preservation ; sustainability ; image security ; digital asset management ; museum



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18卷1期(2014 / 03 / 01)

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5 - 33

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The museums in our country have accumulated a large amount of digital assets since involving in various digital archives projects. Especially, the digital image files of museum collections are essential for the museums to study, manage, even authorize and generate incomes. For a long time, there weren't enough discussions about the management of digital assets for domestic museums. People didn't realize that the digital asset was also an important element in the management of museums. It wasn't just a simple IT business. As for the threats to safety, it wasn't just an issue of theft either. Hence, from the angles of business demand of museums and environmental context, this article explored the issue of the safe management of the cultural relics' images and digital assets in museums. First, this article discussed the flow and production of information in museums, variation of cultural relics' images and digital assets as well as their importance to different museum businesses; second, this article sorted out different important issues related to the security of digital assets, roughly classified them into four topics, such as preservation, maintenance and access security etc. Also it was concluded accordingly that when planning safe management of digital assets of museums, various aspects, such as usage, technology, resources, legal regulations and environment etc. should be considered. The difficulties encountered in the management of digital assets of domestic museums were summarized. Suggestions were put forward for museums to plan digital assets management in future too, including the use demand and environmental characteristics should be taken into consideration, digital assets should be managed with systematic methods, different digital asset management modes should be established according to the museum scale and the amount of the resources, sustainable utilization and development should be the target of the plan, digital asset management should be integrated into the museum information policies and the overall museum management mechanism, policy commitments should be sought etc. These suggestions can be used as references for museums.

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社會科學 > 教育學
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