The Influence of Traditional Beef Noodle Store Image and Beef Cooking Quality on Consumer Behaviors

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陳巧宜(Chiao-Yi Chen);林慧生(Hwei-Shen Lin);林舜慈(Shun-Tzu Lin)

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cooked beef quality ; beef noodle store image ; consumer behavior ; 牛肉烹調品質 ; 牛肉麵店家形象 ; 消費者行為



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45期(2020 / 06 / 01)

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15 - 27

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Chinese Abstract

Beef noodle, a common dish, are combined with beef, noodle and ingredient. However, studies related to beef noodle were still insufficient in social science research. The objective of this research was to investigate the effect of the store image and beef quality on the consumer behavior. The results were provided to the relevant business and organization for their reference in order to improve the quality of service and marketing strategy. Four hundred and eight respondents of purposive sampling from four traditional style beef noodle stores in Taipei were participated for this study. The questionnaires, including the personal profile, the importance and satisfaction of store image, and consumer behavior with Likert five-point scale, were used to conduct quantitative research. The data was further analyzed with SPSS for Windows 21.0. Respondents paid most attention to the hygiene of store. The most satisfied part was the beef quality. Store image was shown significant influence on importance and satisfaction in consumer behavior due to respondents' gender, education, occupation, disposable income per month, and their beef and noodle preference in general. There were 70.3% consumers who chose to consume the beef noodle based on store reputation, followed by 59.3% with seeing other consumers in store. Domestic beef was most consumers' preferred origin (40.4%). Regarding the way of cooking, there were 62.5% and 36.0% favoring braising and stewing, respectively.

English Abstract

牛肉麵是一種常見的小吃,與牛肉,麵條和配料結合在一起。然而,有關牛肉麵的研究仍然不足。這項研究之目的是調查牛肉麵店家形象和牛肉烹調品質對消費者行為的影響。研究結果將提供給相關的業務和組織以供參考,以提高服務品質和營銷策略。本研究之研究對象來自曾於臺北地區四家傳統牛肉麵商店的消費的408名消費者,採問卷調查,問卷包含個人資料、店家形象的重要性和滿意度,並以李克特氏五點量表計分,以瞭解消費者行為。本研究採用SPSS for Windows 21.0進行統計分析。由研究結果得知,受訪者最注重店家的衛生,並且對於牛肉品質最為滿意。進一步分析,牛肉麵店家形象、消費者注重程度、消費者滿意度會因受試者的性別,教育程度,職業,每月收入、對牛肉及麵條的喜好程度而有所差異。其中,有70.3%的消費者會選擇至有名的店家消費、有59.3%的消費者會因為看到店內有顧客而決定進入店家消費。在牛肉烹調品質部分,本土牛肉最受消費者歡迎(佔40.4%),烹調方式則以紅燒牛肉(62.5%)較清燉牛肉(36.0%)較受消費者青睞。

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