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Do You See Me and Yourself: Battered Women in Emergency Room Phenomenon Exploration




柯麗評(Li-Ping Ke)

Key Words

親密伴侶暴力 ; 受虐婦女 ; 急診室 ; intimate violence ; battered women ; emergency room



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5卷1期(2007 / 06 / 01)

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241 - 279

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Chinese Abstract

作為受虐婦女求助的重要窗口,急診室能否在第一時間即時提供婦女支持,關係著婦女後續保護令的聲請、安全的維繫、社區資源的連結、自我信心的增強、與社會正義的伸張。 鑑於急診室在婦女受虐時扮演關鍵性角色,但「受虐婦女急診就醫」的研究卻付之闕如情況下,本研究以質化訪談急診醫生、醫院社工、受虐婦女、與婚暴服務社工,並輔以急診室田野觀察,及診斷證明書的分析,探索受虐婦女急診處遇的現象。 研究結果發現「科學客觀證據」為急診醫生的信念。在這種信念下,婦女的主觀感受、生命脈絡往往被忽視,婦女就醫時有關受虐的陳述亦被壓制在「客觀科學」機制下,得不到發聲的機會,而醫生的主觀感受與想法在醫生強調秉持「中立與客觀」下,卻以診斷證明書的書寫形式展露。急診室裡,「科學化證據」成了唯一的真實,而這份真實卻是排除掉受虐婦女生命經驗,架構在父權與科學作為唯一真理的真實。

English Abstract

Battered women are frequently treated in hospital's Emergency Room (ER). Undoubtedly, the first contact that a battered woman has is with health care professionals in ER. During the medical examination, the attitude of the attending ER physician toward the patient, profoundly impacts her immediate safety and well being. This study presents findings and analyses from the interviews with healthcare professionals: ER physicians; social workers: from the hospital and other agencies; and the battered women themselves. Observational reports at several ERs and statements recorded in the diagnostic reports are also included. This study discovers a strongly-held-belief of the ER physicians-the belief of scientific and objective evidence. With the insistence of remaining objective and neutral, the attending ER physician fails at times to note in the diagnosis the true cause of inflicted injuries of a battered woman. The diagnosis, resulted from the belief of the ”scientific and objective evidence” becomes the reigning the truth of describing the medical state of a battered woman. Such truth eliminates her plea for help and the imminent threat and danger in seeking temporary or long term protection on her behalf.

Topic Category 人文學 > 人文學綜合
社會科學 > 社會科學綜合
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