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The Establishment and Application of a Personalized Tourism Context-Aware Recommendation System


顏昌明(Chang-Ming Yan);陳心淳(Sin-Chun Chen);范玟瑄(Wen-Hsuan Fan);黃徑怡(Jing-I Huang);曾雅婕(Ya-Chieh Tseng)

Key Words

情境感知推薦系統 ; 旅遊推薦 ; 內容式推薦 ; 個人化推薦 ; context-aware recommendation system ; travel recommendation ; content-based recommendation ; personalized recommendation


Electronic Commerce Studies

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16卷4期(2018 / 12 / 31)

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287 - 313

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

Recommendation systems (RSs) have developed rapidly and have become an almost essential technology for successful e-business. Traditional RSs assume that the user's preferences are fixed, but the user's preferences typically vary with the surrounding context, and the recommended results may not meet the user's expectations. In global online service rankings, e-tourism has always ranked in the top three, and now with the maturity and ubiquity of mobile services, it is normal for traveling users to change their preferences as their environment and locale change. However, in the literature, there are few investigations into context-aware technologies and how to implement them on mobile services. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to establish a context-aware RS based on tourism. By collecting user preferences, personalized recommendations are made before traveling. And with the help of context-aware recommendation techniques, the most appropriate new location can be recommended for users throughout their journey. The results of a satisfaction survey show that in terms of the three constructs of information design, personalized recommendation, and system value, the user satisfaction of this context-awareness RS is significantly higher than that of the non-recommended control group. This indicates that the personalized travel context-aware RS can indeed increase user satisfaction with its recommendations.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 資訊科學
社會科學 > 經濟學
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