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The Nursing Experience of Helping a Diabetic Patient to Improve the Complications during Complications during Hemodialysis


詹淑貞(Shur-Jen Chan);李麗淑(Li-Shu Lee)

Key Words

糖尿病 ; 血液透析 ; 合併症 ; diabetes mellitus ; hemodialysis ; complication



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1卷1期(2002 / 08 / 01)

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18 - 30

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Chinese Abstract


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Higher dialysis complication and mortality rate have been reported to occur frequently in diabetic hempdialysis patients than in non-diabetics. Therefore, it is always a challenge to both physicians and nurses to take care of the diabetic hemodialysis patient. The purpose of this case study was to investigate complications that occur during hemodialysis in a diabetic patient. Through the nursing process and interview, we collected data and evaluated the patient's physical and psychological reactions. We found some major problems including body weight overload before hemodialysis, unsteady fistula blood flow, blood loss during hemodialysis, and potential infection risk. By giving proper nursing care, patients' uncomfortable symptoms during hemodialysis can be improved, with a result of a better treatment outcome for the patient. Thus, this also can improve the quality of life both for diabetic patients and their caregivers.

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