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Transcultural Leadership in Gray Zone




卡蜜拉.特羅邱斯卡(Kamila Trochowska);杜長青

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34卷2期(2019 / 06 / 01)

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1 - 43

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Chinese Abstract

本文探討當今複雜而模糊的安全環境中有效領導的挑戰,在這種環境中,戰爭與和平成為難以捉摸的概念,因而被稱為「灰色地帶」或複合式戰爭概念。本文主要論點是:由於這些挑戰在資訊與認知領域,對於現在和未來的領導者,都應該發展這類軟技能(soft skills)。戰略創造力、靈活性,獲取信任能力以及跨文化和社會競爭能力,有效強化管理當代安全議題的績效,而賽蒙斯(Simons)的跨文化、靈活領導能力概念亦有效的包含這些技能。本文根據筆者自2016年來實地考察烏克蘭「混合戰爭」(hybrid war)的案例中,提出了支持此類發展的方法和理論。

English Abstract

The article discusses the challenges for effective leadership in today's complex and ambiguous security environment in which war and peace became elusive concepts and have been replaced by the notions of "gray zones" and hybrid warfare. The main argument is that since those challenges base on informational and cognitive domains, it is rather the soft skills that should be developed in present and future leaders. Strategic creativity, flexibility, trust gaining abilities and cross-cultural and social competence strongly enhance performance in managing contemporary security issues, and Simons's idea of transcultural, flexible leadership that embraces those skills is the most effective one. The article proposes methods and theories that support such development, and provide a hybrid war in Ukraine case study based on field work performed by the Author since 2016.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 軍事學