Study of the Relationship between Personality Types and Facial Skin Aging

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黃宜純(Yi-Chun Huang);詹慧珊(Hui-Shan Chan)

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A型人格類型 ; B型人格類型 ; 皮膚老化 ; A-Type Personality ; B-Type Personality ; Skin Aging



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3卷1期(2006 / 02 / 01)

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85 - 96

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The domestic beauty industry is currently engaged in the pursuit of the beauty benefits of both physical and spiritual health. According to current aging theory, three principal factors affect human aging. These factors include biology, environment, and social psychology. Human personality includes a social psychology component and is the principal object of analysis of our research. The degree of aging as recorded on used as our aging index. This research conducted a study of the between the state of facial aging and an individual's personality Research 120 females, with occupations that keep them predominantly indoors (away from the aging effects of solar rays), between the ages of 18 and 60 Research tools included basic data on research subjects, information on life style, the ”A-type personality index” an evaluation chart to assess skin aging progress, and individuals' facial photographs to aid in the clinical evaluation of subjects. The research included 127 subjects, with a total of 100 subjects turning in valid questionnaires. The research identified that A-type personality individuals displayed a generally increased rate of facial aging, indicating that individuals of different personality types would display differences personality types would display differences in facial aging progression. While age and profession were shown to have no significant bearing on facial skin aging, personality and working environment were demonstrated to have a relationship. Based on what our findings we proposed some recommendations to related units

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