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A Study of Relation between the Interactional Patterns in Individual Counseling Process and Client-perceived Session Impacts


翁令珍(Ling-Chen Weng);廖鳳池(Feng-Tsu Liao)

Key Words

人際行為 ; 互動類型 ; 互動組型 ; 社會行為結構分析 ; 晤談感受 ; 諮商歷程 ; counseling process ; interpersonal behaviors ; interactional patterns ; session impacts ; Structural Analysis of Social Behavior



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12期(2002 / 09 / 01)

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33 - 71

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

The purpose of the study were mainly to intensively analyze the interpersonal behaviors in individual counseling process, to find the particular interactional patterns during counselors’ interventions, and also to find out the relation between the interacttional patterns and the client-perceived session impacts. There were seven volunteer clients paired with five counselors, and the first three sessions were analyzed and evaluated. The cluster version of Structural Analysis of Social Behaviors (SASB) was adopted to achieve the purpose of intensive analysis, and The Session Evaluation Questionnaire (SEQ) was used to measure the outcomes. The findings of this study were as follow: First, among all the dyads, interaction of “complementarity” was the most common during the sessions. Second, the frequency of “antithesis” and whether it remained or not made every dyad’s interactional style distinguishable, and three kinds of interactional patterns were found. Third, among the three kinds of patterns, client-perceived “smoothness” was elevated with the pattern of most “complementarity”, while client-percieved “depth” was elevated with the pattern of most “antithesis”. Fourth, some types of interpersonal behaviors were connected with client-perceived “depth”, “positivity”, and “arousal”. Based on the findings, some suggestions were made.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 生物農學綜合
社會科學 > 心理學
社會科學 > 教育學
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