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An Investigation in Communication of Sex between Single Parent and the Adolescence




張允中(Yun-Chung Chang);林燕卿(Yen-Chin Lin)

Key Words

支持系統 ; 性溝通 ; 性態度 ; communication about sex ; sexual attitude ; supportive systems



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

20期(2006 / 09 / 01)

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175 - 200

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Chinese Abstract

本研究旨在瞭解單親家長對青春期子女親職「性」溝通的狀況與相關因素之影響。主要研究發現可歸納成下列結論: 一、單親家長的性別對青春期子女親子間的身體親密與青春期生理皆有達到顯著差異。單親家長的婚姻狀態對青春期子女的性態度及婚前性行為容許度及青春期生理達顯著差異。 二、單親家長對青春期子女的「性態度」越正向時,與子女進行「與性有關之社會議題」之溝通也越正向。且和青春期子女談有關「異性交友」、「與性有關之社會議題」的頻率也愈高。 三、影響單親家長對親職「性」溝通的結果以「性別」、「高中職大專虛擬」、 「婚前性行為許可度」、「避孕」、「性病」五個變項為預測因子,其中以性別的預測力最大。 四、多數單親家長較不願意向配偶方面的親友求助,而社工輔導人員方面的協助也不夠,由此看來,社工輔導人員在輔導單親家庭方面仍有極大的努力空間。

English Abstract

Τhe aim of this study is to investigate the situation of communication related to sexual issues between single parents and adolescent children and the influence of related factors. The main conclusions of the research were as follows: 1. The gender of single parent had a prominent effect in both the intimacy of the parent and adolescent children and the physical condition of adolescence. The marriage status of the single parent may cause the differences of the sexual attitude, the allowance of sexual behaviors before marriage, and the physical condition of adolescence. 2. Single parents who had more positive attitude toward sex regarding their adolescent children will also gain a more positive communication about the social issues relating to sex, and will talk to child about the opposite sex and social issues relating to sex much more frequently. 3. As to the effect of communication regarding sex by single parents, we found that there were five items as predicting factors: gender, the virtual secondary schools and colleges, the range of permission of having sex before marriage, contraception and venereal disease. And among them, gender had the largest contribution in prediction. 4. Most single parents were unwilling to ask for help from the relatives from the family of his or her ex-wife or ex-husband, in that case, the social workers can offer very little help. There was still a considerable margin for the social workers to work harder in helping the single parent families.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 生物農學綜合
社會科學 > 心理學
社會科學 > 教育學
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