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Why Marriage? A Study of the Commitment Influencing Factors of Engaged Couples in Taiwan.




謝文宜(Wen-Yi Shieh)

Key Words

婚前伴侶關係 ; 婚姻承諾 ; 將婚伴侶 ; engaged couples ; marital commitment ; premarital relationships



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20期(2006 / 09 / 01)

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51 - 82

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

Due to the increasing rate of divorce and people delaying or not choosing marriage in Taiwan, this study intended to examine (1) how dating couples today proceed from dating relationships to marriage; and (2) what factors influence dating couples' willingness to commit into marriage. The present study was conducted by means of in-depth interviews with 20 engaged couples. Each couple was interviewed both individually and as a pair. It was found that, when young couples considered whether they should step into marriage, the factors influencing their decision seemed to be a mixture of the following four categories: social structure, social network, personal factors, and couple factors. Today's young people appear to be still strongly influenced by some traditional Chinese values. Partner's personality, emotional involvement, personal needs, mutual learning from each other, etc. also were considered. This study hopefully could help accumulating more knowledge in the field of couple relationships, and to serve as a reference for marriage preparation and premarital counseling in Taiwan.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 生物農學綜合
社會科學 > 心理學
社會科學 > 教育學
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