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The processing of recognition of structural patterns: A event-related brain potentials study


楊淑惠(Shu Hui Yang);呂菁菁(Ching Ching Lu)

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結構促發 ; 句子運作 ; 結構類型 ; 事件相關腦電位 ; P600 ; structural priming ; syntactic processing ; structural pattern ; ERP ; P600



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44卷1期(2020 / 12 / 01)

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1 - 14

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Structural priming refers to facilitate to process the sentences that were the same structures with ones previously. According to the structure priming effects, we would investigate the process of the recognition of structural patterns across sentences by using ERPs. The materials in the study were from Tang poetry in Mandarin. Both of the primes and the targets consisted of two sentences. The structural pattern of the primes was SVO+VP. The structural patterns of the targets were divided into three types. They were SVO+VP, SVO+VPVP, and VP+VP respectively. The participants were asked to judge whether the structural patterns between the primes and the targets were the same or not. The EEG data were recorded from 20 participants. The structural pattern of the targets, VP+VP, which were different from the structural pattern of the primes elicited the P600 effect at 600-900 ms time window.

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