Stress and Syllable Structure in English: Approaches to Phonological Variations

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端木三(San Duanmu);Hyo-Young Kim;Nathan Stiennon

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Taiwan Journal of Linguistics

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3卷2期(2005 / 12 / 01)

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45 - 77

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Chinese Abstract

語音的多樣性指多種語音形式同時在一個語言裡出現,比如英語有多種音節形式,還有多種詞重音形式。前人的分析一般認為,不同的語音形式來自于不同的語音規則。我們認為所有語音形式都遵循同樣的基本原則。在英語裡,我們認為有四條基本原則﹕(1)每音步必須有兩排,(2)有重音的音節必需是長音節,(3)長音節必需有重音,(4)音節最大不超過CVX。根據本文的分析,我們討論如何重新評估優選論(Optimality Theory)的一些假設,並討論如何分析語言裡的其它多樣性問題。

English Abstract

We use phonological variation to refer to alternative forms that are available in a language, such as different syllable structures or word stress patterns in English. We discuss several approaches to such variations and argue for a new approach, in which all alternative forms observe a set of inviolable constraints. In particular, we propose that all English words observe four constraints: (a) a foot must be disyllabic, (b) stressed syllables must be heavy, (c) heavy syllables must have stress, and (d) the maximal syllable is CVX. We discuss the implications of our proposal for Optimality Theory and for the analysis of linguistic variation in general.

Topic Category 人文學 > 語言學
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