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Response System Operation in a Toxic-Chemical Disaster Equipped Hospital




郭聖達(San-Dar Kuo);張裕泰(Yu-Tai Chang);陳維芳(Wei-Fang Chen)

Key Words

毒化災害 ; 不預警演習 ; toxic-chemical emergency ; surprise drill



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2卷9期(2005 / 09 / 01)

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851 - 858

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Background and Purpose: Since 2004, the Department of Health has been organizing responsible hospitals and dispensaries throughout Taiwan. Responsible hospital regions are categorized as: Taipei area, North area, Central area, South area and East area. Each area selected a hospital to be an accommodative center to accept the responsible hospital resources to engage in effectual integration. Improved lifestyles and personal property aided the process of increasing safeguards. If an area suffers the calamity of a toxic-chemical disaster, the hospital would be able to deal with the incident immediately, and effectively treat the increased number of injuries. Methods: On 11.27.2004 we conducted a surprise drill to observe if the emergency plan and practical plan worked successfully. Results: Command center established completely (including protective equipment and expendable preparation) within 17 minutes; manpower: 78 people arrived within 30 minutes and a further 23 people between 30 and 60 minutes. Strikes tent within 21 minutes. Women's and Children's Hospital support manpower arrived within 23 minutes. Taipei Jen-Ai Municipal hospital time elapsed 31 minutes.

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