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Treatment and Prognosis in Persistent Gingival or Cutaneous Sinus Tract of Dental Origin




李麗莞(Li-Wan Lee);陳立愷(Li-Kai Chen);藍萬烘(Wan-Hong Lan);楊恭熙(Kung-Shi Yang)

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皮下和牙齦瘻管 ; 治療 ; 預後 ; skin and gingival fistula ; treatment ; prognosis



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2卷12期(2005 / 12 / 01)

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1137 - 1145

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Chinese Abstract


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Bacterial infection may induce periodontitis or periodontal abscess, so fistulas are occasionally found in those teeth located on gingival or subcutaneous tissue. It results in treatment difficulties and misdiagnosis. Therefore, from 1985 to 1993, our hospital has collected sixty teeth with possible persisted gingival or skin sinus tract, and divided them into three categories after clinical and radiographic examination for different treatment. Forty-nine teeth were classified as class Ⅰ. These teeth originally had pulpal disease, and were cured by endodontic therapy, including 6 skin fistula cases. Six teeth were categorized as class Ⅱ. Although also had pulpal disease, the class Ⅱ teeth required root amputation or apicoectomy besides endodontic therapy to be cured. Five teeth were categorized as class Ⅲ. These teeth had pulpal lesion that gradually caused periodontal destruction after long-term infection. They required endodontic therapy plus periodontal flap surgery to be cured. Among the 60 teeth in this study, 55 originally had pulpal disease, 91.2% of total cases. Follow-up evaluation after one year revealed no recurrence of clinical symptoms in any of the patients.

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