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Emergency Nursing Care for a Diabetes Patient with Hypoglycemia




董恩璇(En-Hsuan Tung);金美玲(Mei-Ling Chin);林翠娟(Tsui-Chuan Ling);蔡明足(Ming-Tsu Tsai)

Key Words

低血糖 ; 急性混亂 ; 焦慮 ; hypoglycemia ; acute confusion ; anxiety



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7卷3期(2010 / 09 / 01)

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289 - 296

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The purpose of this report is to describe nursing experience while taking care of a 58-yearold female patient who had suffering the effects of hypoglycemia and had arrived at the emergency room after a call to 119. The nursing period was from 16:58 to 22:30, Oct 18, 2008. We used the 11 items of Gordon's Functional Health Pattern Model as an assessment framework together with related data obtained by physical assessment, observation, direct care and interviewing the patient. By this means we were able to establish that the acute confusion was related to low blood sugar. In addition, her anxiety was related to a lack of knowledge and because the disease causes a health threat. Therefore we offered a safe environment in which she was treated with four ampoules of 50% glucose by intravenous injection, given a 10% glucose parenteral solution via continuous instillation and encouraged to take food. Companionship, encouraging the patient to talk about the disease, allowing her to ask questions and encouraging the family to actively help were also used. She was presented with relevant knowledge on how to prevent hypoglycemia and the methods of treatment of diabetes. This case did not presented with loss of consciousness and normal blood glucose was finally established in the emergency department. This case feared a recurrence of hypoglycemia, but the presence of her husband helped to eliminate a feeling of letting the side down. She could now talk about the symptoms, treatment methods and preventive approaches to hypoglycemia.

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