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The Perioperative Nursing Care of a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Patient




劉雪嬌(Hsueh -Chiao Liu);吳孟凌(Meng-Ling Wu)

Key Words

冠狀動脈繞道手術 ; 手術全期護理 ; perioperative nursing ; coronary artery bypass graft



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7卷3期(2010 / 09 / 01)

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304 - 312

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The objectives of this paper are to report the findings during the perioperative nursing care of a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) patient who was assessed using five dimensions, namely physiology, psychology, society, spirituality and development from the 12th to the 13th of April 2008. The research data was collected via direct care, physical assessment, observation and interview. It is found that the patient was experiencing four conditions. These were as follows. (1) Anxiety due to the high-risk nature of the procedure and the uncertain outcome in relation to negative experiences by neighbors. (2) The potential harm of procedure-related issues such as general anesthesia, surgical positioning, the usage of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and long time needed for the procedure. (3) Potential hazardous contamination in relation to the procedure, incision, catheter, ventilator, CVP, ductus arteriosus and chest tube insertion. (4) Possible failure of airway clearance functions, post operative GCS and nursing diagnoses such as E1M1VT and ventilator usage. Perioperative nursing was able to assist in alleviating the patient's physical pain and anxiety through preoperative inspection and care. These were done in conjunction with proper nursing instruction, correct monitoring of vital signs, the maintenance of hemodynamic stability, provision of physical nursing, the control of aseptic procedures, the maintenance of the right surgical positioning, the use of measures to instantly recovery body temperature and the sustaining of oxygen saturation.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 醫藥衛生綜合
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