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A Comparative Study of the Guidelines for the Use of English in Public Service Areas between Taiwan and China




王慧娟(Hui-chuan Wang)

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營造國際友善環境工作手冊 ; 公共服務領域英文譯寫規範 ; 臺灣與中國比較研究 ; Taiwan International Environment Handbook ; Guidelines for the Use of English in Public Service Area ; comparative study between Taiwan and China



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24期(2020 / 12 / 01)

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15 - 45

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The purpose of this study is to compare "Taiwan International Environment Handbook" with China's "Guidelines for the Use of English in Public Service Area," looking for the same and different parts between them. Through a face-to-face interview, open-ended questionnaires, email and telephone interviews, three scholars, one expert, a government department, and a legislator's service office, information and suggestions on public sign guidelines were provided. The current study made the comparison from three aspects: laws, organization, and content. Reiss' text typology was employed to analyze the content. A SWOT analysis was used as a framework to present the summarized results. In general, Taiwan's handbook has some weaknesses. The guidelines are not legally binding and are difficult to look up. They cover fewer public areas, need detailed mechanic writing rules, have less examples, and focus more on "informative text type" of public signs. The present study offered suggestions in three aspects. It is hoped that the results can serve as an important reference for drawing up Taiwan's public sign translation guidelines.

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