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Views on Profiling Genomewide DNA Methylation and Crop Methylomes




徐翡曼(Fei-Man Hsu);楊慧欣(Wai-Shin Yong);陳柏仰(Pao-Yang Chen)

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DNA甲基化 ; 全基因體 ; 亞硫酸鹽定序 ; 單一細胞 ; DNA methylation ; Whole genome ; Bisulfite sequencing ; Single cell



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13卷1期(2016 / 03 / 01)

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39 - 51

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Chinese Abstract

DNA 甲基化(DNA methylation)是一個後天的表觀遺傳修飾,於胞嘧啶上添加甲基團,可在不改變DNA 序列的情況下調節基因表現。目前研究基因體上,DNA 甲基化位置的研究技術利用次世代定序(next generation sequencing; NGS),已經從單一位點分析,發展到全基因體的尺度。在本篇文章中,我們首先闡述了DNA 甲基化和其他胞嘧啶修飾的重要性,並統整當前相關作物如水稻及玉米的甲基化形成機制與甲基化的分佈模式。我們將DNA 甲基化之實驗方法分類為以: (一)限制性內切酵素截切、(二)親和性聚集及(三)亞硫酸鹽轉換為基礎的三種方法,並分析它們的優點與缺失。此外,我們還討論了單一細胞甲基化圖譜(single cell methylome)的實驗分析技術。在資料分析中,我們介紹了亞硫酸鹽轉換定序資料的分析流程,並特別闡述甲基化異質區域的預測方法。最後,我們針對DNA 甲基化在作物上的應用與未來的研究方向進行討論。本文綜結了當代DNA 甲基化研究中實驗與分析之方法,並提供了作物表觀遺傳學新的視野。

English Abstract

DNA methylation is an epigenetic modification, which adds one methyl group to the cytosines and regulates gene expression without altering DNA sequences. With the help of next generation sequencing (NGS), DNA methylation profiling has been improved from one locus to whole genome. In this review, we first introduce the significance of DNA methylation and the methylation patterns in crops. To profile DNA methylation, we categorize the experimental approaches into (1) restriction enzyme digestion, (2) affinity enrichment and (3) bisulfite conversion based, and also compare their advantages and disadvantages. In the section of data analysis, we introduce a pipeline for analyzing bisulfite sequencing data. Finally, we discuss recent advancements of DNA methylation in crop applications, and provide the latest insight in crop epigenomic.

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